Dana Pritelli


Sydney & Melbourne, Australia


Vital Statistics

Age: 28 yrs
Measurements: 34" D soft gel enhanced, 24", 34" (81-61-82)
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Weight: 56kg (122lb)


About Dana

Feminine and flirtatious, with incredibly seductive eyes, lovely Dana is the epitome of the ideal escort girlfriend experience in Australia. With her graceful elegance and confident warmth, this talented model and photographer's company is extremely enjoyable. Friendly and amicable, coupled with her immaculate beauty, your time with Dana will be mesmerizing. While she maintains a base in Australia, she is frequently in Europe and USA.



Born in Sweden and raised between Sweden and Belgium, this cosmopolitan city girl is well traveled, and always at home in any international city. Her favorites include New York, Paris and Prague. If Dana had her way, she would be perpetually on vacation. She loves to travel, and spends any time at home simply saving for her next trip. She has dreams of opening a touring entertainment company one day, to utilize her experience.


Education & Personality

Part of her choice to work with us is as a contribution to her love of travel. The other part is just for fun, and pocket money for attending buying more camera equipment. :)   Her adventurous and curious nature makes her a great dinner date or travel companion, because she's always genuinely interested in your life and conversation. She loves meeting new people, and is a captivating date to have in your presence. With her elite education, her manners are impeccable, and her poise is unmistakable. From a close, successful family who values achievement, she is accustomed to the finer things, and enjoys luxurious surroundings. However she can still enjoy a more relaxed environment, with the right person. Those gentlemen who like to spoil someone, will find a very appreciative companion in Dana. :)


Language & Leisure

Dana is fluent in several languages, and plans on learning more. She enjoys Pilates and general gym work to maintain her fitness. And she likes to work out daily, where possible. Skiing is always a favorite in Winter, too. What a wonderful image - Dana and a roaring open fire, snuggled in a cozy cabin, with the snow outside.. SHe spends a lot of time in Europe, but has her base in Australia.. Contact us now to arrange an appointment to meet this exciting, beautiful woman.


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Weight: 56kg (122lb)

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