Maya Kimm

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 34" D natural, 25", 35" (88 - 64 - 89)
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight: 54kg (114lb)

About Maya

Oh that CUTE face!! With the sweetest doll-face, pretty eyes, and flawless fair complexion.. The gentleman who enjoys spending time with Asian beauties may find it difficult not to fall in love with this beautiful Chinese-Australian angel. Extremely feminine and elegant, Maya is very intelligent, and possesses the ability to be the girly-girl, or quite a sophisticated and refined conversationalist. It’s fascinating to watch her switch between the two; it leads one to wonder – how many other facets does that personality have..? That’s part of the fun of getting to know someone isn’t it?  Maya is really sweet and caring, and is a lot of fun to hang out with. Besides her bewitching beauty, she is really enjoyable, elite company, and rather an enthusiastic, energetic creature. Warm, smart, forward-thinking and innovative, a meeting of the minds can be just what the doctor ordered. Maya is entirely gracious and polite, and tends to get along with almost everyone as a result.



Independent and well traveled, beautiful Maya is definitely a woman of the world. Due to her academic studies, she is relatively indentured to Australia for the time being, and is only available for travel companion bookings on weekends or occasionally overnight. She loves to travel, and also to shop. Her favorite color is pink (the girly-girl)  and her style lends itself to Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent (the sophisticate!). Having lived internationally, she has a cosmopolitan attitude, always aware of excellent grooming, and treating people well. Funny and delightful, Maya is utterly charming and captivating. Her smooth Australian accent and relaxed manner make her extremely appealing. Her femininity leaves a gentleman feeling quite masculine. A pleasant balance and enhancement of energies indeed – yin and yang! :)


Background & Presentation

Well bred from an upper society family, she prefers to make her own way in the world than rely on her very generous parents. However she was afforded only the finest of education and tutoring in her youth. She also travelled extensively with her jet setting parents. A fashion devotee par excellence, Maya is always beautifully attired and immaculately presented. Having modeled most of her life in between her studies, she is well aware of the latest trends, and what suits her own style. Maya is always appropriately dressed for any occasion, but she reserves a wonderful sense of frivolity to her presentation for certain events. Earning her degree in law is opening endless future doors for her in all manner of industries – but she also loves art. One can just imagine her as the curator of a high end, prestigious gallery somewhere fabulous. She certainly has the intelligence, charm, style and whimsy to excel in at anything she puts her mind to.



Australia is the perfect location for Maya, as she loves the sun and the beach. Always aware of her health, she particularly enjoys Japanese & Mediterranean cuisine, she also enjoys Italian and French. Easy to please, Maya’s revitalizing, fun and relaxed company is captivating and enchanting. Contact us now to arrange an introduction to the exciting and fascinating beauty, Maya.

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