Rhianna Balasco

Some Suggested Cities To Visit

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney

Vital Statistics

Age: 22 yrs
Measurements: 32" B natural, 23", 33" ( 81-58-84)
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Weight: 51kg (113lb)

About Rhianna

Very elegant and sweet, Rhianna is a commercial model from Melbourne Australia. She as a fresh pretty face, with flawless silky skin all over. Her lovely long legs seem to be endless at times. She’s feminine and caring, with a great sense of humour. She has a relaxed confidence, without ego. She has Italian-British heritage, and spent a year as an exchange student in London (Kensington of course). She maintains her fitness by staying active; she enjoys walking and gym workouts, always trying to beat her own record. With her stylish presentation, she’s a lovely VIP dinner companion and captivating date.



Lovely Rhianna was born and raised in Melbourne. She has been modeling since she was about 16, and has travelled a little, but definitely wants more! She has a close family and is a well raised young lady with polite manners. While some people assume someone in a magazine or on TV has millions, in actual fact it can be quite difficult for many models and actresses to make ends meet between projects. As such, Rhianna is available for a select few dates throughout the year to supplement her income. She is rather earthy and authentic, with an upper middle class upbringing. The perfect blend of education and elegant poise, without the airs and graces.


Personality & Leisure

Rhianna loves he outdoors, so whenever she can be out running, swimming, lunching, riding, skating, she loves it. She’s quite discreet and understated, despite her height. Given her fresh natural look, she simply has the healthy all-Australian girl look Her favourite foods include Mediterranean (of course) and anything with a little spice. Japanese and sushi rate highly too – she’s quite health conscious. Organic and clean foods appeal to her most. (ie everything cooked fresh or eaten in the same condition it came from the earth/ sea). However that doesn’t mean she won’t splash out occasionally on a good steak and salad, or a glass of champagne. Rhianna’s beautiful smile and warm, attentive presence will be initially disarming, then rather comforting, as you feel your stresses floating away in the company of this smart and friendly angel. She’s absolutely delightful. Contact us now to arrange an appointment with this beautiful model.

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