Where to Stay in Perth for a Luxurious Time: The Crown Hotel

Where to Stay in Perth for a Luxurious Time: The Crown HotelIn Perth, there are many luxury hotels where you can choose to stay with your elite companion, but if you want the best experience where you can get impeccable service, an attentive staff, and top-class amenities, then the Crown Hotel should definitely top your list.

The Crown Hotel is situated in the Burswood area, and is actually along the banks of the Swan River. This will give you and your elite companion a beautiful view of the river, especially during sunrise and sunset. If you can, make sure to book the Executive Suite, so that you are given access to the Crystal Lounge.

The Executive Suite certainly has a lot of things going for it, not the least of all is the fact that all the electric components of the suite – air-conditioning, lights, and even the drapes – are controlled via a Samsung tablet. If you want a completely relaxing vacation where you can control everything with a touch screen, then the Crown Hotel is definitely the place for you!

The Crystal Lounge is an area that is exclusive for the elite tenants of the hotel, where you and your elite companion can enjoy your buffet meals, and a breakfast with a view of the whole city is definitely one to remember! Crown Hotel also boasts a number of different high-end restaurants, such as Nobu and Atrium, but for a truly world-class meal, have a dinner with your elite companion at Epicurean.

Finally, if you want a relaxing “stay cation” at the hotel, you and your elite companion can just relax by the pool, and the Crown Hotel pool’s is something to behold. The pool has a complete bar and restaurant around it, and the pool has a wide range of different depths and temperatures, so you can choose exactly what kind of water fun you want.